Oster Planung/Easter plans

Die deutsche Gemeinde wird am Sonntag den 16. April Ostern miteinander feiern.

On 4/16 the German church will celebrate Easter with each other.

Um 11 Uhr gibt es ein Brunch (Bitte Suesses und Herzhaftes mitbringen) im Fireside Room (Rotes Backsteingebaeude am Parkplatz hinter der Kirche)Hall at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer 731 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Ga 30308.

At 11am we will have a brunch at the Fireside Room (red brick building located at the rear parking lot) at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer 731 Peachtree Street, Atlanta GA 30308. (Please, bring something sweet or non-sweet to share).

Um 1:30Uhr werden wir dann Gottesdienst miteinander feiern. Anschliessend Ostereiersuchen fuer die Kinder. (Bitte 10-15 Eier zum Verstecken pro Kind mitbringen)

 At 1:30pm we will then celebrate the Easter service in German. Afterwards Easter egg hunting for the children. (Please, bring 10-15 eggs per child we can then hide).

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