Daily Devotions on Watchwordsblog.com

Dear friends of the German church,
the past two years have been an amazing journey for me.
I did not plan or expect becoming a pastor again
20 years after my ordination in 1997 and after working
for 20 years in roles as a hospital chaplain, educator and counselor.
Thank you for the honor of allowing me to be your pastor.
In October 2016 I was invited by the German Fromm Verlag
to publish my first book “Gospel Sermons”.
This is a collection of the English version of my first year’s sermons.
Then in January of this year, I was invited to write my second book
“Paul’s Theoloy in Sermons”, which is a smaller collection
of my second year’s sermons in English, to be published soon.
And then also this January, I have started writing a daily
devotional blog that I would like to let you know about.
As I have grown up with daily devotions
and have engaged in daily reflections all my adult life,
I always wanted to start writing my own.
Biblical promises, meditation, prayer and
wisdom words nurture and strengthen me
when the “going gets tough”.
If you are interested, go to www.watchwordsblog.com.

Thank you for all the loving support you

have given me along the way.

It has been for me an inspirational

and transforming journey.

And I am looking forward to

this New Year together.

Wishing you many blessings,


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