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PALMSONNTAG FEIERN/Celebrate Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Palm Sonntag
Gott loben, auch wenn es dunkel
um uns ist!

Kommt feiert mit uns Gottesdienst!

This Sunday will be Palm Sunday!

Praising God
even when there is darkness
all around us!

All are invited to celebrate
online worship with us!

Klickt den Link in blau, wenn Ihr/Sie mitfeiern wollt/en:
Wir werden gemeinsam von unseren Haeusern aus
um 11Uhr morgens (EDT) diesen Sonntag 5.04.2020 Gottesdienst feiern.
(5 Uhr nachmittags in Deutschland)
(Der Gottesdienst kann auch spaeter noch abgerufen werden.)

Click on the link in blue, if you want to join us:
We will celebrate worship together from our homes
this Sunday 4/05/2020 at 11am EDT
(and 5pm in Germany.)
(The Service can still be accessed at a later time.)

Deutsche Gemeinde Atlanta Gottesdienst Online/German Church Atlanta Woship Online

1. April Kaffeeklatsch um 3 pm


Die Deutsche Gemeinde laedt ein:
Kein Erster Aprilscherz!

Kaffeeklatsch online morgen April 1 von 3-4pm.
“Wer will mal in deutsch kloenen?”

Mach Dir ‘ne Tasse Kaffee und ein Stueck Kuchen kann’s auch sein. Heike Siegmund wird Euch im Zoom Kaffeeklatsch von 3-4pm begruessen.

Bitte den Zoom App aufs Smart phone oder Computer laden. Dann einfach um 3pm morgen diesen Link mit Computer anklicken:

KAFFEEKLATSCH MIT HEIKE: (Bitte folgenden Zoom Link anklicken)

Oder mit dem Telephone dabeisein:
Zoom Phone No. 1-646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 105 351 925

Feiert mit: ONLINE WORSHIP/Celebrate Worship with us online

Liebe Gemeinde, liebe Freunde, liebe Besucher,
Dear Congregation, dear Friends, dear Visitors,

da wir uns nun nicht mehr, weder in der grossen Redeemer Kirche(erstes Bild) , noch in unserem Rudisill Raum (zweites Bild) versammeln koennen,

Heilig Abend 2, 2014

First Communion families

werden wir von nun an jeden Sonntag gemeinsam um 11 Uhr ins Internet gehen (In Deutschland ist das 5 Uhr Nachmittags) und Gottesdienst in einer ganz neuen Form gemeinsam feiern. (Spaeter ist der Gottesdienst dann auch noch mit demselben Link erreichbar)

LINK zum Gottesdienst der deutschen Gemeinde in Atlanta:


As we are no longer able to congregate for worship neither in the large sanctuary (first picture) nor in the smaller Rudisill Hall (Second picture) at Redeemer, we will from now on celerbrate worship together by going online all at the same time at 11am on Sunday mornings (which is 5pm German time), and we will experience and celebrate worship in a very new way with each other. (You can access the worship also later with the same link).

Wenn die Angst uns besucht…

Die Erfahrung von Furcht bedeutet nicht dass Du keinen Glauben hast. Furcht besucht jede/n von uns. Aber mach die Furcht einen Besucher und keinen Mitbewohner.
Max Lucado

Martin Luther sagt es aehnlich:
“Du kannst nicht verhindern dass die Voegel (der Angst) um Deinen Kopf herumschwirren, aber Du kannst verhindern, dass sie Nester in Deinen Haaren bauen”.

Meditation: Wie koennen wir das verhindern?Wir koennen in Verbindung mit anderen bleiben und einander ermutigen.Wir koennen raus in die Natur gehen und dort Trost und Ruhe finden.Wir koennen troestliche Worte der Bibel oder andere inspirierte Texte lesen.Wenn wir kreativ werden und unsere Gefuehle und Gedanken aufschreiben, malen oder in Musik umsetzen, so haben die Voegel der Furcht keine Chance zu nisten. Wir koennen uns mit friedlicher Musik umgeben, und mit positive Stimmen und ermutigenden und liebevollen Verwandten, Freunden und Nachbarn (selbst wenn es oft nur uebers Telefon oder Video geht).

Birds swarming

Angst wird kommen.
Furcht wird versuchen unser Herz und unsere Gedanken gefangenzunehmen.Wir koennen der Furcht nicht entkommen. Und doch haben wir die obigen Abschreckmittel und den Geist Gottes welche die Furcht davon abhalten sich bei uns einzunisten.

“Liebevoller Gott, wir machen uns Sorgen um geliebte Menschen. Wir haben Furcht fuer alle die verletzbar sind und fuer uns selbst. Lass zu, dass diese Furcht nur fuer kurze Momente um unsere Koepfe kreist, und dann komm mit Deinem heilsamen Geist der alle Furcht austreibt.
Du bist der Geist der Liebe, der Kreativitaet und des Trostes. Hilf uns, dass wir durch Deinen Geist miteinander verbunden bleiben und nicht isoliert werden in dieser Zeit der sozialen Distanzierung.”

“Denn Gott hat uns gegeben nicht den Geist der Furcht, sondern der Kraft, der Liebe und der Besonnenheit.”
2. Timotheus 

Fear as a visitor…

The presence of fear does not mean you have no faith. Fear visits everyone. But make your fear a visitor and not a resident. Max Lucado

Meditation: Martin Luther said it similarly: “You cannot keep the birds (of sorrow) from flying over your head but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair”.  How can we do that?

We can reach out to others and encourage each other. We can go out into nature and let her comfort us. We can listen or read uplifting thoughts from the Bible or other inspiring texts or authors. As we become creative, maybe write, draw or make music, the birds of sorrow will have not place to land. We can surround ourselves with peaceful music, positive voices and encouraging, loving family members, friends and neighbors (even only over the phone or via skype).

Fear will come. Fear will try to grip our hearts and minds. Fear cannot be avoided. And yet, we have many antidotes that keeps fear from settling in for good.

Prayer: Loving God, we are fearful for our loved ones, for all who are vulnerable, for ourselves. Let this fear visit us for short moments, and then come with your Healing Spirit that drives out all fear. You are the Spirit of love, of creativity and comfort. Help us stay connected and not become isolated in this time of forced social isolation.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  2. Timothy 1:7

Die deutsche Gemeinde wird online und per Telefon fuer Sie da sein

The German Church will be available to you in the coming weeks with online services (check our Website, Facebook and Newsletter). We will also be available for pastoral care over the phone and with a “Telephone tree” so that nobody becomes isolated.

If you want to contact the church, please, call pastor Dorothea 404-667-6964 or email her at

Be safe, stay healthy and be blessed!


St. Martin’s Umzug hat Spass gemacht

Etwa 50 Erwachsene und 50 Kinder waren beim St. Martin’s Umzug dabei. Vorher wurden Laternen gebastelt und Waffeln und Suppe gegessen. Vielen Dank an alle Helfer und Besucher. Ein gelungener Nachmittag mit einem bunten Abschluss!123_1 (3)20191109_180651123_1

Directions to Worship at the Lake 8-18-2019

Open Air Worship Join us for our Outdoor Church, Barbecue and Fun afterwards Sunday, August 18 @10:30 am (rain or shine)

  Worship begins at 11am and BBQ afterwards.
A sandy beach and roped off swimming area nestled in a cove and surrounded by trees, a building that has bathrooms and a place to change, a putt-putt golf course not far from the beach, a large playground area on top of a little rise offering nice views of the lake are just few of the many attractions of the park.
Please bring your own grill meat, salad or dessert to share and swimsuit and towel for a fun filled day.


Park entrance fee: $5.00 cash per vehicle (1-12 passengers)
Red Top Mountain State Park (Lake Allatoona)
50 Lodge Rd SE
Acworth, GA 30102
Shelter # 7
DIRECTIONS: Take I-75 to exit #285 (Red Top Mountain Road). Go 2 miles east to Red Top Mountain State Park. After crossing the bridge, you will enter the park on the left (shelters 4-7).
Any questions: Please call or text Dorothea 404-667-6964 or email
We look forward to seeing you there.

Lake worship

Kirche am See August 18, 2019 10:30am

Flyer - Kirche am See (3)

Mother’s Day reflection and prayer

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. Rudyard Kipling

Meditation: Many of us remember their mothers today. Many women are being thanked and celebrated on this special occasion, and they deserve all recognition and love that comes their way. I like to also remember on this day, that there are many unusual and unrecognized “mothers” among us. I am thinking of and I am grateful for all kindergarten teachers, nurses, teachers and loving neighbors. I am grateful for all men and dads who choose to be mothers and who have motherly features. I am thankful for aunts and grandmothers who sometimes love a child exactly how the child needs to be loved. I am also grateful for women who are in their heart and in their ways with children definitely mothers, only not in a biological way. And I am grateful for the joy and the challenge to be a mother myself. I have never learned as much, grown as much and have been stretched as much until my children came along. They have made me a more patient and forgiving person. They are my mirror and show me my growing edges and my weaknesses. And they are such loving and forgiving girls who also see my strength and who appreciate me in my effort to be a Mom who learns and changes along the way as they grow and mature into their very own personalities.

Prayer: God, we are grateful for spouses and children everywhere who prepare red roses, thank you pictures and cards, self-baked cakes and breakfast in bed. We thank you for all families that celebrate in this way today. We are also aware of those who are sad today, as they miss their mother, or miss being a mother. Comfort them and help them see You as their mother who wants to provide them with what they need. Thank You for all who take the role of mothers in biological or in chosen ways. They make the world go round. And they stand in for Your presence. They help us believe that You still exist and that You still care. And we are grateful. Amen

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you. Isaiah 66:13a