News from the Annual Congregation Meeting on Jan 26

Short version of meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting was started with a devotion and a silent minute for the deceased member Elfriede Wilson.

Topic 1 – Financial Report

  • Jörg explained our financial situation in 2013.
  • The assembly of church members exonerated the current Church Council. Thank you to the past Council members for their contributions to the congregation’s wellbeing!!

Topic 2 – Activity Report 

  • Presentation of activities in 2013 and outlook to activities 2014.

Topic 3 – Election of steering committee/church council

  • Four former Council members did not opt-in for reelection, nine candidates presented themselves to the congregation. One list with all candidates was elected unanimously to become the new Church Council.
  • Congratulation to the elected members (from left to right):
  • Pastor Haco von Hacke, Rene Baganz, Esther Djopke-Hinrich, Jörg Daehnhardt, Markus Rimmele, Ingolf Mathee, Janet Rudzinski.

(Not in the picture: Erich Schwerd, Henry Benk, Barry Spurlock)


Topic 4 Budget 2014

  • Jörg presented the budget 2014 proposal.
  • The assembly of church members approved the budget proposal unanimously

Topic 5 – Planned activities

  • The annual event planning proposes a similar schedule like 2013 with many well established activities. The new Council members will finalize the annual planning.
  • One of the critical activities for this year will be the discussion of the German Church with Redeemer and potentially other churches about a long term collaboration.
  • Detail Meeting Minutes can be requested via

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